Global Opportunities

Connect with 52 colleges, universities, and seminaries around the world, here the school leader meets the faculty member, researchers meet researchers with shared interests, and graduate students meet mentors. Colleagues become friends across institutional, international, and disciplines lines.

Nazarene Global Faculty Registry

Global Faculty is an online service of International Board of Education to our partner colleges and universities. This site aims to connect these institutions to educators who are looking for available volunteer and paid job opportunities.

The registry also serves as a place for researchers, collaborators, and other teams to meet and share their research, expand on big ideas, and work toward common interests and mission.

Why Sign up?

Global Faculty provides opportunities for teaching or serving in our Nazarene colleges and universities around the world.

You will also be able to connect in the Faculty Lounge to others in your profession to share research projects, find a mentor, or build your network.

How does it work?

Register as Administrator/Faculty.
Complete your profile.
Upload your Curriculum Vitae/Create Your Job Posting.
Choose from our Job listing and submit your application/Choose your applicants.
Connect with the Administrator/Faculty to complete the application.

Service Opportunities

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